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First of all, please accept my sincere greetings, my fellow US alumni that are present at the Second National Conference. I hope this event will help us to make our connections stronger and be an effective way of exchanging our thoughts and ideas for the future.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll agree with me on the idea that Mongolians who live in the USA are one big proof of the old Latin phrase “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” (One for all, all for one). I clearly remember that exactly a decade ago Mongolians raised funds through the Internet in order to support the herders that were suffering from a harsh zud.

Even though we didn't see each other face to face, we have united under one purpose which was to help our countrymen. Because of this effort we were able to send thousands of dollars to the Mongolian Emergency Management Agency. The generosity of Mongolians have been enriched and nowadays they have community associations, newspapers, radio/TV channels, churches, active businesses run and try to help other fellow countrymen in finding jobs in America. Moreover, it’s become a tradition to organize soccer, volleyball, tennis tournaments among Mongolians living in major metropolitan cities.

The bubble-wrapped National Aquatics Centre, also known as the “Water Cube”, was one of the iconic structures of the Beijing Olympic Games. The total investment for the “Water Cube” is about 1 billion yuan. What makes it different from all other Olympic venues is that it's donated by overseas Chinese. To me it's wonderful example of what nationalities can do together for their own countries. Let’s keep the same passion and enthusiasm we had during our life abroad for the bright future of Mongolia. Therefore, I want to encourage you all that “let's ask not what our country can do for us, but what together we can do for our country”.


Bayarmagnai Puntsag (Baika)
Waldorf College, Iowa '01
Denver Seminary, Colorado '08


Director of News Department
Eagle TV

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