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   Dear alumni,

It's a pleasure for us to inform you that along with USAM National Scholarship committee members we have successfully gone through the selection process. In total 38 students applied and as our budget allows us we decided to give scholarship to 5 students.

The selection process included: 1st, Application along with 2 recommendation letters; 2nd, English test; 3rd, Interview. We wanted all of the applicants gain experience in applying for scholarship programs so all 38 students went through these 3 stages. 

We took the interview on Nov 22nd and made the final decision. Here are the finalists:

1. Bazarsad Sergelen, 2nd year student at Mongolian State university of education, from Bayankhongor aimag

2. Bat-Erdene Batsukh, 2nd year student at University of Humanities, from Sukhbaatar aimag

3. Nyamjav Erdenebat, 3rd year student at Orkhon university, from Bulgan aimag

4. Battsogt Ganbaatar, 3rd year student at Mongolian University of Science and Technology, from Khentii aimag

5.  Mungunkhishig Batbaatar, 2nd year student at National University of Mongolia, from Khentii aimag

These students are granted with monthly stipend, transportation expense and tuition fee for the 2008-2009 academic year.  We're also working on the development of the Mentoring program about which we had a brief discussion during the Second National Conference of US Alumni. Moreover, we're very grateful that our alumnae Ms.Munkhjin and Ms.Enkhtuya who take the initiative and help us in implementing the mentoring program.

We hope it is a very unique opportunity for students from rural areas to get to know the recent trends, books and research done in their respected areas of study with our alumni assistance. Therefore, we would like to encourage those alumni interested in this program to take active participation.

Mentoring program guideline /doc/

We will keep you updated soon.

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