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   Bat-Erdene : Influence of USAM scholarship in my life
I am pleased to write my report about how this scholarship influenced my life. I think it could become my key to study English and it could become the first step to achieve my goal and dreams. My goal is to become a high-skilled professor of IT as well as the best software engineer.

However, to achieve my goal I want to improve my skills studying in the USA. After that I will be able to lead to help others to develop their knowledge about IT. By doing this I hope to become a very important person for Mongolian development. That’s why I’m eager to learn every thing that’s necessary for my future.

The USAM scholarship includes tuition fees, stipends, mentoring program, volunteer work and free English course at EARC.
Tuition fees provided me with the opportunity of studying at my university. If I didn’t get the scholarship I wouldn’t be attending my university this year. Although I try to earn money during my summer break, they’re usually not enough for my studies.
Volunteer work helps me to learn how to correspond with other people. Before I got the scholarship I always felt uncomfortable and not very confident when it came to talk to other people. Sometimes I even stumbled and forgot my words when speaking. Moreover, the best thing I learned was organizing events. I participated in organizing the Open Door day of the EARC. At the event I had a chance to introduce the center’s activities and to give some information about scholarships organized by the EARC. The most recent activity for which I volunteered was when the center organized English test for the staff of Mobicom corporation. On that day I felt like I was already a teacher and it was wonderful.
During my winter break I came to the center almost everyday, because it gave me the opportunity of getting to know and doing some parts of office work.
When I spoke in English I used to stumble a lot or speak quietly. However, I started doing it less and less when I took the Upper-intermediate English course at the EARC. Now I can speak in English with more confidence and want to speak louder. And my knowledge of English grammar and fluency have developed since I started the course.
The Scholarship committee introduced me to my mentor Ulzii who works in WWF Mongolia program office. Another scholarship recipient-Battsogt and I are meeting with him and we are learning many things from him. Recently we’ve been studying how to add information to Google. We are also going to study about Android which is an American mobile phone’s program. In order to study it I need internet connection at home. Unfortunately, I can’t have the connection because our house is located so far from the city center. But sometimes I use my university’s internet. In brief, this scholarship’s everything are useful for my life.
Finally, thank you for giving me this great opportunity and giving me this scholarship.

Bat-Erdene Batsukh
February 2009
Revised by USAM

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