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   Battsogt.G : Beginning of my satisfied future

One day I saw a flyer which was called ‘USAM National Scholarship Program’ on the information board of my university. I thought that I have 100 percent opportunity to be selected after I had read it. Soon I was selected and at that time I felt like I was flying.

Since then my life’s changed a lot. Particularly,

  • During this economic crisis time my tuition is paid completely thanks to his scholarship. So then I can pay more attention only to my study. Now I feel that I can reach many achievements
  • My monthly stipend and transportation fee from the scholarship let me realize the value of money and I am so happy that I can help my mother buying some groceries. It makes me feel proud of myself seeing my mother smiling. That’s wonderful.
  • I have the opportunity of talking to many wonderful people about various topics. That helps me express myself well enough and become more open-minded. As a result I found my hidden talent.
  • I also improved my English very well thanks to the skilled and good teachers at EARC. Moreover, I started writing a diary in English. I think it’s a good way of practicing your language skills.
  • This scholarship program introduced me to my mentor-Mr.Ulziisaikhan. he’s very kind and smart man who graduated from the National University of Mongolia before he had studied in the USA. I learn a lot from him. Currently we’re working on the development of a new website which includes a lot of information about the protected areas of Mongolia. I hope through this website many people will realize that we should love and protect Mongolian nature. This project will be finished in March. And I’ll be happy to show you this website for which I hard very hard. In addition, my mentor rewarded me because of my effort. He said that people should value their own works.

Being selected to this scholarship I was able to do my first step to a satisfied future. I think I have already found my right way. So I’m sure that I’ll reach out my goal in the future.
Thank you very much for giving me this great opportunity. I will become a skillful and qualified engineer and will contribute to the development of my country. 

USAM Scholarship recipient


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