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   Bazarsad.S : USAM scholarship report
I’m a junior year student at Mongolian State University of Education. Moreover, I’m proud of receiving the “USAM National Scholarship program” during 2008-2009 academic year.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all members of USAM, especially Munkhzul , Sayamaa, Odnoo, Jeff , Dylan and everyone who work at EARC.

Thanks to the hard work of all the above-mentioned people, I made tremendous improvement not only as an undergraduate student majoring in English, but also as an individual who has goals to be able to develop a global career. As a student who received scholarship, I did some volunteer work at the EARC and here is the list of volunteer works I performed.

  1. Information provider during the informational conference at the IT Park.
  2. Volunteer work once a week every Thursday in December and January.
  3. Active participation during movie night and speaking club every Friday since the start of scholarship.
  4. Also I improved my English by doing some exercise in the EARC library of especially working on my vocabulary, reading and grammar for TOEFL skills.
  5. Moreover, the people who work at the EARC have become like teachers to me on the way of improving my English.
  6. I also became a mentor to a student of my university. His name is Khurelbaatar and he’s a freshman studying the same major as I do. I helped him get a library card at Natsagdorj library. Likewise, I gave him advice on how to learn English efficiently and easily, how to improve grammar knowledge and listening, etc. I will continue to be his mentor until my graduation.
  7. I went back home to Bayankhongor aimag from January 13th to 24th. While I was there I worked as an English tutor to 3 students, one of whom is my relative.

Secondly, I want to keep my good grades for this semester. At the end of last semester, I gained top grades for all the lessons. After I received my monthly stipend and tuition fee in January, I bought some books to improve my English as well as for my personal development, such as Mongolian-English dictionary by Gankhuyag.Ch, Àíãëè-Ìîíãîë õýëíèé çýðýãö¿¿ïñýí õýëç¿é and ‘Volleyball techniques’. As I participated in speaking club and movie night, my speaking and listening skills improved a lot.
Also I felt economical satisfaction since the first stipend and there is no need to do part-time job besides my study. So it exactly influenced my education. Moreover, I increased the time for my self-study because of the enthusiasm the scholarship gave to me. In December 2008, I participated in Olympiad of Dyned courseware and competition of the translation and some celebration events. Above all these, I was one of the few students who organized New Year party of the English Language and Methodology department.
I also learned to write official e-mail from Munkhzul who is a coordinator of USAM Scholarship. Moreover, I write diary every evening as it was suggested by my English instructors that would help me improve my writing skill. I got a library card in Natsagdorj’s library and American cultural and information center and I try to go there whenever I have free time and watch movies with subtitles, attend lectures on American cultural topics and read some books that would help me get new ideas.
The next important thing is I got free access to internet at EARC. You know, it is one of the best ways to learn English easily. Luckily, the EARC is providing me with free course attendance of TOEFL iBT and it is planned to start on next Monday. I’m very pleased to join this course.
Thirdly, the scholarship influenced my life and career tremendously. I got the chance of studying without any worries about money. Likewise, I pay more attention to my career success. After I received half of the tuition fee just few days ago, I bought some necessary things needed for my sports career and receiving the tuition fee, I’m able to pay some of the money that my mother got from a bank loan.
Finally, the scholarship has become a big inspiration, confidence and motivation in my life. I dream of becoming a Doctor of philology as well as the best translator in Mongolia. Thank you to all the US alumni of Mongolia. I will try my best. 

Bazarsad.S Student of USAM National Scholarship, MSUE

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