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   Nyamjav.E : 1st semester report
This year has been very special for me. I am very glad to be one of the recipients of the USAM National Scholarship. The reason is my tuition is paid from the scholarship. I used to work part-time to earn money to pay my tuition by myself. I worked at factory, which took a lot of time and kept me busy.

Because of that I couldn’t pay much attention to my studies, but this year my life has changed a lot. It gives the opportunity of giving all my attention to my studies and to improve my English. I really appreciate your support and encouragement and want to tell that this scholarship has influenced my life as well as my study a lot.

With my first monthly stipend which is twenty thousand tugrug I bought a new book and a bus ticket. Now I don’t have to worry about my finance which lets me have no problem with my studies.
One of the interesting things I’ve been doing was volunteer work. I mostly do it at EARC on Tuesdays. Moreover, I’ m attending an Upper-Intermediate English course which is a part of my scholarship. Since I started the course my English has improved a lot and I’ve been learning new words every day.
By all means, this scholarship is one of the biggest opportunities that I found in my life. I want to study well and take TOEFL test. I will study hard to reach my goals in the future.

Nyamjav E
February 2009

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